Energy Tip: Cost of Running Appliances

Sometimes when you look at your budget, it seems like there aren’t any places to make cuts. Our energy bill has been high in the past and it just seemed like we couldn’t do much to change it. We kept our heat at 68 and our a/c at 76, so what more was there to do? A lot.

  • I scheduled a representative from teacher energy company to come out and see where we could improve.
  • On cooler days (80 degrees and lower) we have been turning off the a/c entirely.
  • Lights off when it makes sense.
  • Figure out how much it costs to run your appliances. Our dryer is about 20 years old and costs $1 each time it runs. To figure this out, look on your machine and multiply amps by volts and multiply that by how much your energy company charges for kilowatt hour. Then figure out how much it costs per hour. Our dryer runs for about 70 minutes, so I multiplied the kWh by 1.083 (if yours runs for a half hour, multiply by .5). Each time I don’t use the dryer, I save us $1.
  • Newer appliances have the cost to run per use on the tag or in the manual.
  • Obviously it would make sense to invest in an Energy Efficient appliance. Our dishwasher only costs .12 to run a cycle!

Old Betsy

What are your energy saving tips?

We have been line drying our clothes which was fine except it rained unexpectedly this week. Twice. 

Check out Valerie’s blog! She’s also pinching pennies and line drying! 



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